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Information Security

Do you require help with setting up a security program, helping to write policies and procedures or review current documents and get advice on improving them? Then our information security consultancy is what you are looking for.
Are you in the process of obtaining an ISO27000 or PCI-DSS certification? Want to have a second pair of eyes looking over your shoulder with a fresh perspective? Have a look at our information security audit services to obtain that extra perspective.
Need a combination of these services or simply somebody who can help and advice in all facets relating to your company’s information security program and protection? We can help with our interim information security officer positions for your company, tailor made and for the days and hours you need us.

Data Protection (privacy)

Are all the European data protection regulations and requirements getting a bit too overwhelming? Are you getting enough of all that “free” advice that makes no sense? Or simply paying too much to lawyers claiming to be data protection experts all of a sudden? Get a real data protection professional thet can help you with all facets of the requirements, including those security ones you could not get an answer for. Have a look at our data protection consultancy services and let us help you to find the right path between the trees in the forest of privacy land.
Are ou looking for somebody to take control for you of your privacy program? Does the law mandate your company or organisation to have a data protection officer? Have a look at our data protection officer or privacy officer interim services, tailer made for your company and for the hours or days you need us.
Are you required to hold a register of data processed? Want to obtain more insights and value from that register then an excel sheet is able to provide? See at a single glance how your organisation is handling all your personal data assets? We have partnered with trust-hub to bring you the world leading privacy lens solution to provide an answer to all these questions. Have a look at our data governance consultancy services and see what we can do for your company.

Information privacy Certifications

Data protection or information privacy is a hot topic these days. If you fancy a career in this exciting field or have you just learned you ar the company’s data protection officer and really need to learn everything there si to prepare you for this new task?
As official training provider of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) we deliver three of their ISO 17024:2012 accredited certifications in cities around Europe. Check out this page to find out more on the certifications and the available training dates.