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Always wanted to have a clear, concise, transparent overview of all types of personal data your company is processing? Are you struggling to capture all that detail in an excel sheet or any other commercial tool that looks like an excel sheet with a web-based frontend? Getting lost in your business processes and what personal data is processed for which reasons? And finally, are you required by the General Data protection Regulation (article 30) to have all of this ready at a moments notice at all times?

If the answer is “yes” to any or more of these questions: we have the perfect solution for your company available.
We have partnered with trust-hub to be able to assist companies with the implementation, maintenance and oversight and advise to get your organisation the competitive edge in having all your processing activities of personal data in a clear, detailed visual model that is able to show you in one glance how your company is processing personal data, adhering to the GDPR as well as what still needs to be done to align yourself and your company with that pesky privacy regulation.

Are you interested in our innovative vision on personal data governance and how we and trust-hub can deliver the competitive edge to your company?
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Who is trust-hub?

trust-hub is a global technology leader in the emerging field of personal data governance. Its patent pending technology enables global organisations to optimise the business benefits from using this personal data whilst dynamically managing their global regulatory obligations and associated risk profile.

The trust-hub platform is provided as SaaS and leverages graph database technology, state of the art visualisation techniques, machine learning algorithms, flexible interfaces and data level encryption to deliver market leading functionality and security. This includes dynamic data mapping (both internal and supply chain), gap analyses, rights and consent management, DPIAs, risk assessments and breach mitigation.
Shamrock Privacy Advice (trademark of Shamrock Information Security) is a highly valued partner of trust-hub.