Also seeing those messages in the news on larger and smaller data breaches?
Thinking “it’s just them, we are not interesting enough”?
Or do you believe your cloud provider will keep an eye on your systems?
It’s not a question on if but when you get breached, maybe you already are and simply don’t know it yet.

Information vs. Cyber Security

Cyber is a shortened term coming from the older term of cybernetics. Cybernetics stands for “the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.” In short: Cyber security only deals with the technical aspects of your communication systems.
Information, data that has been given a meaning or purpose, is much broader in scope and will also encompass all digital as well as physical information (data) assets your company holds. Information is defined as “Computingdata as processed, stored, or transmitted by a computer .”
So where cyber security deals with the technical communication systems, information security deals with the data flows across those communication systems. In other words, information security is at a higher level of importants but does encompass all requirements from the cyber security realm as well.
This is why we call it information security.

Our offer

The threat landscape is constantly changing, so is your IT infrastructure as well s your business. To stay up-to-date and make sure you are prepared for the future, we will help you to match your security policies, procedures, instructions and guidelines in such a way that they will enhance and support your business. “NO” is not the right answer, we are not your business prevention unit, on the contrary.
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