Does your company or organisation require a data protection officer?
Have you chosen to have a data protection officer without it being mandatory?
Do you simply need somebody as a privacy officer to assist your company or organisation?
If the answer is “yes” to any of these three questions, then your company can benefit from our service.

Data Protection Officer vs. Privacy Officer

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates certain companies, organisations and the government to have a data protection officer or DPO. The specific function, it’s requirements, tasks and position within the organisation are mandated by the GDPR (articles 37-39).
As such there is not much freedom on how to use the services of a DPO, either internally or externally.

However, not all organisations are mandated to have such a DPO in place. Okay, you can voluntarily choose to appoint a DPO yourself. This may not be the best solution as now you have to adhere to the full set of requirements the GDPR throws at your organisation.
As alternative we can also deliver our service as a privacy officer role. This function can be tailor made to your organisation, which means we are able to deliver certain tasks a DPO is strictly not allowed to undertake.

Do I require a DPO?

Good questions and, apart from the legal text as such, not always that clear cut either.
Contact us to discuss your requirements today and let us help you to find out if your company or organisation requires a data protection officer or not.

What do we offer

Interim positions as data protection officer (GDPR aligned) or privacy officer, for the time you require us on a weekly or monthly basis.
Our high quality and honest service as usual.
Interested? contact us today to find out more.