The website makes use of cookies. A cookie is a simple file that is sent along with pages of the website and stored by the browser of the User on the hard disk of its material information carrier. Shamrock Information Security uses cookies to improve the functioning and the user friendliness of the website. The User can turn off cookies via his browser, but then he possibly cannot make use of all functionalities of the website. (except from my privacy policy).

Tracking cookies

Cookies are used for tracking your site’s visit but only for security reasons.
The only exception are the cookies and links used to track responses to my newsletters. However, all information obtained that way is governed by my privacy policy.

Social media

No 3rd party or social media cookies are use on this site. All sharing buttons make use of the Shariff project which means that your visit to this site is hidden from the social media platforms.
The twitter content displayed on the site uses a server-based routine to obtain the contents so no twitter cookie is put on your system.
Only if you decide yourself to click on any of the sharing buttons or any button related to the twitter content will the social media platform be aware of your site’s visit including the possibility of placing a cookie on the hard disk of your material information carrier.
This however is outside the control of Shamrock Information Security.


If you discover any 3rd party cookies or other tracking material emanating from this website, please let me know immediately and I will investigate and remove the offending code if possible.