Shamrock Information Security was founded on Monday February 29th 2016 out of a personal drive to do more with the knowledge and insights I have gained since I joined the information security (back then IT security) community around the turn of this century. Couple this to over 8.5 years of practical experience and business insights in multiple sectors and you will easily see why Shamrock Information Security is your best partner for your information security, privacy and risk management needs.

I always work according to a high ethical standard, transparent communication and mutual respect as basis for a personal, direct and long lasting partnership that benefits your business in staying secure and compliant to relevant regulations.
For an overview of my professional background and current certifications, please read my biography and check my certification pages.


Providing highly skilled and flexible services to safeguard your company information assets, improve your company’s Information Security and Privacy awareness and keep your Risk Management and compliancy requirements in check.


Information Security, Privacy and Risk Management are three closely related fields that extend and enhance each other when looking at the total scheme of protecting an organisation.
Shamrock Information Security is dedicated in providing services that utilise these three key fields of knowledge to provide highly skilled and flexible advise and training solutions.
With experience in all three fields and a constant drive to expand my knowledge and improve my insights , I will be the long term partner your business requires.